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A Communications Primer

January 13, 2011

The film, A Communications Primer, was made in 1953 by Ray & Charles Eames. It is a film about communications and is inspired by Claude Shannon’s 1948 paper on information theory. I love the film because it does an incredible job of explaining key concepts in communications that are as valid today as when it was made. I also think it is very beautiful.

We are currently working on a very interesting project that is inspired by the film  ’A Communications Primer’ by Ray and Charles Eames.  We are creating a series of talks and events around this film. The film is also forming the core of a body of research we are doing that brings together engineers, artists, architects, designers and others to study ideas and concepts about and relating to that film.

A still from the film - A Communications Primer

The image above is a still from the film and shows a crowd of people each seeing something different in an abstract image. The point is that each is sensitized in a different way and understands what they see differently. From a technology perspective one way of looking at this is to see a homogeneous set of radios – all with different sensitivities. It is one of my favourite images in the film.


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