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What does the Internet look like?

January 15, 2011

Today we had a stand at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition.  The exhibition is the final stage of a competition which is open to all second level students from Ireland, both North and South. The students present science and technology projects developed specially for the competition. Though most of the exhibition is devoted to the students work, different research bodies and companies also have stands. We (CTVR) were part of the SFI stand.

On our stand we asked all visitors to draw a picture of the Internet. Jessica Foley, our education and outreach manager in CTVR came up with the idea and Tracey Farrelly helped with the event. I was doubtful that the students at the event would want to actually engage in this way but it turned out I was totally wrong.  Over 400 people stopped to draw images.

People busily drawing at the CTVR/SFI stand

Though some were reluctant at first the vast majority of people jumped at the chance and in fact people were so eager the only way to get people to stop at the end of the session was to dismantle the stand!

So what did people draw?

The pictures drawn were varied and colourful. Unsurprisingly the most common way the Internet was represented was by the word Google. Many images were centred around the word Google in fact. Four and five year olds wrote the word Google with confidence. I think over 50% of the 400 plus images contained the word Google at a rough guess.

Other popular applications such as Facebook and YouTube were mentioned – there were lots of drawings of computers and web like connected elements.  We have collected all the ictures to analyse in detail so what I write here is merely a first glance.

So the enthusiasm was amazing.

Google at the centre of it all ......

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