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Is there a future for cognitive radio?

January 18, 2011

We (myself, Luiz DaSilva, Tim Forde and Baris Ozgul) are guest editors of a special issue of the Elsevier Journal on Physical Communication.  The special issue is entitled, ‘Cognitive Radio for LTE Advanced and Beyond’. The call will be going out in the next week. We believe, as do many people, that cognitive radio will be an enabling technology in future generations of LTE.  To this end we have written a ‘Letter from the Editors’ to circulate with the call. Our letter attempts to get tease out some of the issues that might be solved by cognitive radio. The letter can be found here in case anyone wants to read it. We are hoping that the articles that are submitted will respond to the letter.  We have not tried this approach before and will be interested to see if it works or indeed is useful to those who submit. We are also interested in anyone who has conflicting ideas.

One of the  reasons that we are interested in doing this is because we were wondering whether cognitive radio is stuck – if you know what I mean.  The linking of cognitive radio with the future of LTE is not by any means a great leap. Hence the special issue is not pushing in a hugely surprising direction. Though is is pushing none-the-less away from DSA or TV white spaces specifically.

We are asking ourselves more broadly in our group – where next for cognitive radio? What are the good problems to solve? What are the kinds of things that will really make a difference. It is not completely clear what the answer might be.

I was very interested in a graph that Luiz DaSilva produced that roughly tracked the number of papers in the ad hoc networking world. The graph is reproduced here though as he said to me himself if is a bit out of date now. This graph is not wholly scientific but it is non-the-less indicative.  It shows the results of a search of title words (12/30/08): “cognitive radio OR cognitive network OR dynamic spectrum access” and “ad hoc network”. I suppose one of the questions that can be taken from the ad hoc research world is to what end all this endeavour? From an Engineering perspective it has not of yet led to that much that is real. Is cognitive radio destined for the same future?


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  2. How did you pick up the suggestions to publish ““Is there a future for cognitive radio?
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