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Taking Umbrage

January 18, 2011

I am back to that new book about the Eames furniture that I mentioned in a previous post . I linked to the review  by Alexandra Lange (the book itself was written by Marilyn Neuhart with John Neuhart). I have not read the book yet so perhaps it is too soon to get annoyed. But maybe that is what blogs are for. I am still getting used to blogs. Lange quotes a number of passages from the book, part of quote is as follows –

Unlike the Eames Office exhibitions, both permanent and temporary, many  of which have been dismantled, destroyed or retired from view, and the films, many of which are dated in their appeal or were related to specific projects — making them interesting mainly as historical documents — the furniture  is tangible and it has proven, over time, both its commercial and aesthetic value.

I feel I have to shout about this (i.e. shout at the Neuharts and not Lange). One of the things that attracted me to the film A Communications Primer was precisely because of its longevity, because you can look at it now and relate it to current telecommunications practices.  So at the very least I stand up for my 1953 film – I have come to think of A Communications Primer as ‘my film’.

Apparently the Neuharts’  book is very negative about Ray Eames.  Ray has been left off the billing a number of times during her life with Charles and there seems to have been much debate about her contribution. I like Pat Kirkham’s book because from my perspective she rights some of this. Though the Neuharts seem to think differently.

One other reason I like my film is that it is by Ray & Charles Eames … rather than by Charles & Ray Eames or even Charles Eames.


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