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Xcelerit is Accelerating!

June 8, 2011

Xcelerit is a company that we have spun out of CTVR.  It was founded by Hicham Lahlou and Joerg Lotze. Xcelerit has been getting some very good publicity lately. The latest coverage is about Monte-carlo Simulations on Steroids. I love the title. There is a related article here which explains the speeds on offere in terms of pricing options. I million pricing options in 17 seconds!

So what does Xcelerit do? Essentially Xcelerit helps you make your heavy duty computer-intensive processes go much faster.  Basically the Xcelerit solutions allow you to take advantage of parallel processing approaches on multiple hardware platforms and get the very most out of the hardware in a manner that is really simple and straightforward. This is especially useful, for example, for financial computations where time is of the essence or for really complex time-consuming analyses in the Oil and Gas sector. The guys in Xcelerit make sure that you can focus on the algorithm and not have to worry about any of the details involved in parallelising the process, scheduling the resources etc. You can use the Xcelerit approach to make the most of your own hardware but there are also solutions for the cloud.

The Xcelerit team have already built some great partnerships. The article to which I have linked above demos the power of the partnership between Xcelerit, NVIDIA and Supermicro.

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