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Sticky Networks & Zeptocells

January 25, 2012

We were at the BT Young Scientist again this year. As usual it was great.

The challenge this year was to make a network  by combining drawing and CTVR homemade stickers – stickers of different size basestations (pico/macro/micro) and stickers of applications and things.

I think there is a business in this somewhere. But am not sure where.

Perhaps this can be a new form of network planning tool.

The kids were fantastic. They quickly got the idea of cells and basestations and black holes where the coverage was not quite right. We took loads of pictures of the many creations and I will post when I have them.

In thinking about this I have decided there is a need for ZEPTO CELLS. I chose the name from a set of power prefixes that are smaller than femto.  I wrote the phrase on a piece of paper on my wall so I would keep the idea in mind. If we want to deliver the kinds of capacities that are needed in the future perhaps we need to go even smaller. When you think of it we have moved from a centralised system in which woman operated the telephone exchange and put through calls to ones in which we are our own operator. We may be soon our own basestation.

  1. That’s is a fantastic idea for kids! Sounds like great fun. I’m in agreement on the zepto cells idea. Dr. Rappaport gave an excellent talk a couple of years ago about information showers. Small cells, which you walk through in the GHz range where you download huge amounts of data. He also talked about wireless chip-chip communications inside computers.

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