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May 31, 2012

We are having a festival called openhere at the end of June (June 28th to July 1st). The website is currently being populated with the latest information about the speakers and the workshops. CTVR is jointly holding the festival with the with the Dublin Art & Technology Association (D.A.T.A.).

openhere will bring together a transdisciplinary community of critical theorists, engineers, artists, designers and industry professionals to expand debates surrounding the digital commons. Key points of discussion will include the conflictive spaces of the digital commons, tactical media, net-art, digital policy, disruptive wireless practices, alternative spectrum ownership models, next-generation networks and the political economy of infrastructure.

Quoting from the website gives a flavour of what it is all about –

If we speak of ‘the commons’ today as a general phenomenon, this has a lot to do with the modes of production, consumption and distribution that have emerged over the last two decades around information and communication technologies. This period has seen a growing emphasis on the social and juridical implications of sharing in the online domain, where a range of nonmarket and non-proprietary activities such as open source software, remix culture and commons-based peer production have lead some to propose the advent of a ‘digital socialism’. However, as sharing and openness become the watchwords of the new corporation – as the commons is increasingly central to capitalism – such positions are no longer straightforward. 

During the festival there will also be a an openBTS based installation on show. It will be interesting to see it in action.

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