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Spectrum Wars @ CTVR Showcase 2013

September 5, 2013

We are having a technology showcase next week and there is much work ongoing in bringing it all together. We are having it in a Cinema and will have over 50 Exhibits (listed below) showcase all of the wireless and optical work of CTVR. Anyone interested is welcome. You can register here.

I just want to write about one of the fun exhibits (fun but serious) Spectrum Wars designed by Paul Sutton. It allows  two teams of two (receiver and transmitter in each team) to play against each other in an effort to be the first to get the most data through. An incumbent moves across the available spectrum. The participants must avoid this and must find free space to transmit in. They can change their bandwidth to adjust to the space available and of course as it is a game they can block each other!!! It is great fun. It is all (including graphics) written in Iris – our open-source software radio platform. But the opening shot of the game is the most fun – the rules appear to the theme and in the style of Star Wars  – bad video of it here.


Integrated photonic chips for high speed Internet communications  / Long Reach Passive Optical Networks: An Energy- and Cost-Efficient Architecture for Future Broadband Connectivity / Data Transmission using optical comb source in radio over fibre scenario / Long Reach PONs Rural Urban ultra high speed broadband coverage of Ireland (network planning) / Interaction between LR-PON and Upper-layer Protocols/ Clock recovery of super channels / Network Dimensioning / Cooperative Code-sharing for UMTS Femtocells / Augmenting Performance of LTE Handover on LR-PON Backhauls, Through The Use Of Caching / Optical and Wireless Integrated Architectures: a paradigm shift / Patterns in spectrum activity and modern art / How small can a cell be? / Cellular Traffic Dynamics / Multiuser-MIMO Load Balancing Optimisation / Virtual Network Embedding: bridging the wired and wireless networks /Ephemeral Virtual Wireless Network  /Network Resource Sharing / Digital Pre-distortion for RF Power Amplifiers / Uplink Signal Detection for OFDMA-based Systems / Multiple Access Interference Reduction using cancellation carriers / Enabling Systematic Approach to Spectrum Sharing using an Enhanced Form of Carrier Aggregation / Adaptive Compression Techniques for Cloud Gaming / Filterless Blocker Cancellation for RF Receivers / FP7 FORGE project: Forging Online Education through FIRE /Spectrum Wars /Receiver-driven handover between independent networks / Antennas for Emerging Terminal Systems /Converging paths toward capacity and coverage increases in future cellular networks / Fast, wideband detection technique for network discovery and control channel setup / Opportunistic Sensor Data Collection Through Smartphones / Network repair for disaster response /Improved understanding of wireless communication via simulation / Explaining Wireless Networking and Optimisation Research / Techniques for Efficient Delivery of Scalable Video / How Cool are you? / Ambient intelligence Using Machine Communications and Whitespace Spectrum /Impressions of Cellular Networks / Open BTS: the mobile commons/  What CTVR does for its researchers /Modelling Telecommunications problems using Numberjack /Combinatory approaches to optimisation / Postcards from the Near Future /Engineering Fictions /Horizon 2020 / FP7 DISCUS / CTVR Spinouts / Overview of FAME by TSSG/WIT


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