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The Group

The Research Team consists of a number of senior researchers and postgraduate students. We all work together on various wireless related research projects. The senior researchers are responsible for the direction of our research as well as leading many research projects.

Senior Researchers: Dr. Tim Forde, Dr. Paul Sutton, Dr. Keith Nolan, Dr. Irene Maclusa and Dr. Seamus McGetterick.

Commercial Research: Dr. Keith Nolan and Dr. Paul Sutton also focus on technology transfer. Hicham Lahlou is CEO of one of our campus companies – Xcelerit.

Current Graduate Students: Ahmed Selim, Justin Tallon, Rachel O’ Dwyer, Andy Cunningham, Jasmina McEmeny, Arman Fahrang, Jessica Foley and Deepak Sarath. I am a co-supervisor of Nuala Flood, Carlo Galiotto and Pedro Alvarez.

Colman O’ Sullivan has submitted his Ph.D. theses and is awaiting his viva.

Past Graduates

Jorg Lotze (Ph.D.), Joe O’ Carroll (M.Sc.), Ralph Borland (Ph.D.), Ruthann Shields (M.Sc.), Nathaniel Stern (Ph.D.), Preston Marshall (Ph.D.), Jonah Brucker-Cohen (Ph.D.), Paul Sutton (Ph.D.), Senan Doyle (Ph.D.), Brian Lehane (Ph.D.), Keith Nolan (Ph.D.), Fionnuala Conway (Ph.D.), Yanming Yu (M.Sc.), Tim Forde (Ph.D.), Ken Greene (M.Sc.), Philip Mackenzie (Ph.D.)

Past  CTVR Postdoctoral Researchers 

Hwee Pink Tan is a Programme Manager in I2R

Tom Rondeau runs GNU radio and is the owner of Rondeau Research, LLC

Suhaib Fahmy is an Assistant Professor in NTU in Singapore.

Omar Ashagi works for the Libyan regulators.

 Baris Ozgul is now working for Xilinx Research Labs

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