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My research group is interested in a wide range of topics related to wireless communications, reconfigurable networks and cognitive radio. We have an interest in both the technology and the policy aspects of these areas. In addition part of my group focuses on the interdisciplinary field of art and technology.

Wireless communications, reconfigurable networks and cognitive radio

The main focus of our work is on the creation of service and technology neutral communication systems. We believe in a wireless future in which spectrum is not pre-assigned to specific services and technologies. In essence we aim to create a world in which any two networks can be neighbours. Hence we are interested in supporting very flexible and liberal exclusive usage rights.

We see cognitive radio as an enabling technology in this picture and hence we have a different focus than the more common primary user/secondary user scenarios – though our early work was in this direction with a focus on dynamic spectrum access.  We believe that the radios of the future will be self-aware in a manner that will bring a new meaning to the term standard. There will be standardisation of behaviours and modes of collaboration and bargaining and not of waveforms and physical attributes.

Art & Technology

This is a very general term and in one way does not really capture the essence of the research that is of interest. We are interested in where art and technology come together. The approaches to research and learning that are taken in the world of art and design can be very different to the approaches taken to research by engineers and technologists.

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